About Us

American Legal Documents has over 20 years experience in Living Trusts. We use this experience to best serve our clients.

About American Legal Documents

The major purpose of American Legal Documents is to bring comfort to individuals by leveraging years of knowledge to assist and rectify confusion and fears related to legal documentation processes with top-notch document preparing consultancy services in California. We begin by assisting clients in gaining a clear grasp of the court needs by offering information, guidance, and reliable consultancy which assists our clients in gaining knowledge and documenting insights to meet the court needs.

We do not provide legal advice to our clients but we are making the documentation process as simple as possible at an affordable price for managing assets, creating wills and other documents with the highest possible customer experience.

Our Principles

Some of our most heartbreaking times occur when we ask for financial help from someone in a condition after the death of our guardian. It’s a very awkward and emotional time to deal with these matters! Take care of your legal documents relevant to your property, wills, and other legal matters while you are healthy to make decisions. You are on the decision part and we pitch the document preparation consultancy to let you create documents that can bring ease to your life.

Excellent Customer Service

We are an affordable and accurate choice for document preparation consultancy services in California.


We prefer to keep your legal documents and data private between our clients and beneficiaries.

Meet Legal Document Consultants

We have a top-notch legal documentation consultancy team capable of implementing a ground-breaking approach to adhering to court laws and your objectives. We take pride as a small documentation company by addressing each case with the required attention and concern to develop the best for our clients.