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You can create your living trust to allow you to transfer assets to the trust, which you will manage as trustee, and these assets will pass on upon your death to your named beneficiaries. The chief benefit of a living trust is the facilitation of a seamless and timely transfer of assets upon one’s death.

Similarly, if you become incompetent or no longer desire to handle your trust assets, your appointed successor trustee can manage them for your benefit. They can then distribute them according to your preferences after you pass away

A grantor, trustee, trust property, and at least one beneficiary are all required to establish a trust. The grantor establishes the trust, the trustee oversees its administration, and the beneficiary reaps the trust’s advantages. After you’ve established the trust, you’ll need to transfer all of your assets (stocks, bonds, real estate, life insurance policies, and so on) from your name to the trust’s name. If you desire total control, you can identify yourself as the trustee and beneficiary of your trust

Joint Living Trust Package

While active and apt, you function as trustees in the ‘Joint Living Trust.’ as Settlors, both husband and wife sign the ‘Joint Living Trust’ Agreement form. It outlines the trustees’ roles and commitments for managing property entrusted to the ‘Living Trust’ and distributing it according to your wishes after your deaths. The ‘Joint Living Trust’ is revocable, which means you can end it whenever you choose as long as you’re both alive and competent. If both of the trustees will be died or become unable to serve, a replacement trustee named by you will take over the management.

Depending on your circumstances and preferences, a Joint Living Trust Package offers three types of Joint Trusts to select from:

  • • Joint A Trust (with optional B trust)
  • • Joint A/B Trust

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A living trust offers you control over who possesses your wealth after you die. The ‘Living Trusts Documents’ must be agreed upon and signed by both parties in front of a notary public and notarized before being valid.

Forms included in 'Living Trust Packages:

The ‘Single Living Trust Package’ includes numerous important living trust papers into a single package for an individual. During the grantor’s lifetime, a living trust appoints a trustee to manage the beneficiary’s assets. A Single living trust designates the trustee as the only person who creates the document. A person can revoke and terminate the living trust when they feel like amending it during their life.

  • • Trust Agreement
  • • Pour-Over Will
  • • Organizational Section
  • • Uniform Statutory Form Power of Attorney
  • • Advanced Health Care Directive

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